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[:en]1. Eternal Life
2. Monster
3. Blood Stained Love
4. Elixir or Poison
5. From Leaves to Hearts
6. Teardrops
7. So Many Words
8. Happiness Is Only Real When Shared
9. The Revenge

Metal Temple Review 10/10

ACE OF HEARTS is band playing Gothic Rock / Metal in duo national effort from United Kingdom / Italy. Johnny Icon started with the band BLUE OBSESSION, then changed the name of band to ICON and finally altered it to ICON & THE BLACK ROSES. However, Icon brought to life a project called ACE OF HEARTS with 2 members of SECRET SPHERE and a guitarist from ODD DIMENSION with the purpose of playing a love like Metal.

On this album I like every song, but there are four that are the ultimate standouts that will remain burning in my heart forever. The opening track, ”Eternal Life”, filled with many energy & power inside, has very catchy chorus, easy to memorize for keeps. The vocal section reminds of H.I.M.‘s singer Ville Valo. The Gothic melodies are simply amazing and what a guitar solo and of course the great Keyboards played by Antonio Agate. Johnny Icon performs well also on “Monster” now as if taking points from METALLICA‘s James Hetfield), expressing strong emotions through colossal singing style. The keys reflected a profound atmosphere that collided with stylishness with the heavy guitar riffing played by Gianmaria Saddi. The rhythm section, consisting of Andrea Buratto (bass) and Federico Pennazzato (drums), took hold of the chorus thus making it smashing Chorus. “Teardrops”, suggesting the band’s brilliance, with its chorus will reach far into the depths of your soul. The rhythm section is tight and collaborates well with the rhythm guitaring. “The Revenge”, the album’s closer, is the final killer, highly energetic on all counts, as always a catchy greasy chorus added by a backing choir. Though not final, but also a killing ground, “Blood Stained Love”, as the answer for the past passionate Metal tracks, emotions blowing like the wind entranced by the heaviness of the riffing the melodic nature of the lead licks with ample keyboards. Listen to these guitars, the keys probably from other planet, sit back and relax to the voice of Icon, same goes to the temptation that is “Elixir Or Poison”.

Generally, ACE OF HEARTS have been playing a kind of Metal that is similar to the love Metal makers that are H.I.M., so I’m sure everyone who shares the love with such ambiances and melodic beauty, relating to tough sounds, in music will like this album. The choruses and melodies are very catchy and will remain bound to your mind for very long after listening whole album. The production is in a high level. In overall, a great collection of addiction.




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