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The concept of being Lannon came during the recording of Icon and the Black Roses’ second album, “Thorns” (2015).

In 2009, Johnny Icon was looking for a guitar player to join Icon and the Black Roses.  Enter Lucien Yorg.  With the recording of “Thorns” drawing to a close, Lucien began working on demos for the next album.  As these tracks began to take shape, Johnny and Lucien agreed that the sound wasn’t right for Icon, and thus Lannon was born.  After the release of “Thorns”, they turned their full attention to the new works.

Members and collaborators came and went, including Icon’s very own drummer, Arlindo Cardoso, but the band’s line-up was completed when Igor Jakovski and Liz Hayes joined.

Lannon’s 7 track debut album, entitled “Guide Me Through The Dark”, explores murkier soundscapes and pushes the boundaries of modern metal.  Produced, mixed and mastered by Johnny, the set could be described as Djent with a melodious slant and a darker, more sombre vocal style.  The record explores the shadowiest corners of the human mind, stories told through irresistible melodies and sky-clawingly epic choruses.[:]

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