Ace of Hearts


Ace of Hearts was born in 2009! It started to take shape when Antonio Agate and Andrea Buratto decided to join forces to create a band with a sound that would combine dark aggressive
metal with beautiful classic arrangements and explosive melodies. Antonio and Andrea decided to invite a fellow bandmate, Federico Pennazzatto (from Secret Sphere), whilst Gianmaria Saddi was given the role of lead guitarist. Together they started writing the material for Ace of Hearts’ debut work.

Whilst working on the tracks, the band started looking for a singer. This proved to be a tough task as the singer they were searching for required great versatility and uniqueness. Finally,
after four months, the band made contact with a talented singer from London, Johnny Icon.

With Antonio’s overwhelming keyboards, the explosive, yet touching, the guitar playing of Gianmaria, the power of both Andrea’s bass guitar lines and Federico’s drums plus the incredible
voice of Johnny, Ace of Hearts sound can remind the listener of bands like Metallica, Nightwish, or HIM.

The debut album Monster was released in 2011 and can be purchased here:


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