Lannon has been described as a shape-shifting, groundbreaking, once in a generation phenomenon. The result of a collaboration between Johnny Icon and Lucien Yorg from Icon and The Black Roses, Lannon is considered by many as metal’s best-kept secret.

Its debut 7-track album – released in 2016 and entitled “Guide Me Through The Dark” – quickly amassed a fast-growing following. In 2017, the band announced they were working on a new album. “Heaven’s Gate” is the result – dark, melodic djent with Johnny’s trademark deep, mesmerizing vocals. The album is due for release in July 2020 and has been produced, mixed, and mastered by Johnny.

Heaven’s Gate” boasts a cast of exceptional musicians: Antonio Agate (Secret Sphere) on keys; Daniel Cardoso (Anathema); Jan-Vincent Velazco (Pendragon) on drums; Leonel Silva (“Mindfeeder/Hourswill”) and David Morgan (Digital Ghost) on backing vocals. It explores the shadowiest corners of the human mind and tells its stories through irresistible melodies and sky-clawingly epic choruses.

www.Grphonmetal.ch: Rating?  “ full marks and honor “  10/10 

Guide Me Through The Dark can be purchased here:

http://johnnyicon.net/shop/uncategorized/lannon-guide-me-through-the-dark-cd/[:] 4

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