Digital Ghost



Digital Ghost makes songs that stay with you.  Uplifting, dark anthems that aim straight for the heart; songs of love and loss, where vocal, melody and beats are sovereign.  Inspired by years spent in clubs, gigs and bedrooms, Digital Ghost combines modern pop with Synthwave. Digital Ghost is a collaboration between David Morgan, Johnny Icon and Lucian Yorg. Music and lyrics that reflect real love, real pain, real life, with an unwavering commitment to good pop.

Mirror Infinite is the band’s new album following its debut EP Supernova released in 2014. Supernova is available for download below.


01 Digital Ghost – Supernova

02 Digital Ghost – Tattoo

03 Digital Ghost – Nightmares

04 Digital Ghost – This Universe

05 Digital Ghost – In 2

The lyric video for In 2 is also available to watch below:

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