Icon and The Black Roses


Icon and The Black Roses started in 1999 under the name of Blue Obsession. In this early period, the band recorded a demo called “4 Winter Songs” which allowed them to secure a deal with Dark-Wings records in 2001. Dark-Wings requested a 5 Track CD to be edited in Germany, so the band spent time in studios in Lisbon, Hamburg and Tenerife recording the debut EP. The drums on the EP were performed by Daniel Zimmerman and produced by Gamma Ray’s Dirk Schlächter. The final mix was handled by Charlie Bauerfiend (Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, etc).

Dark-Wings decided later that year to extend the release to a full album. The band flew to Berlin to record the extra material and in June 15 2004, their self-titled debut album was released by Dark-Wings with distribution by SPV. The album went down very well with the listeners and the press, with Icon winning the award for the best new act for LOUD‘s readers. Reviews averaged at 8 out of 10 whilst Icon was being played on radio stations worldwide, charting on a number of European stations.

Following the initial success, the band split for personal reasons. In 2011 the band announced their return with a new lineup whilst songs from the first album were featured on the hit computer game “ROCKBAND (xbox/PS/wii)”.

In 2013 the band released a lyric video for Wings of a Dreamer, an advance from their latest album “Thorns”. Thorns was recorded between Lisbon, London, and Alessandria and mixed by Daniel Cardoso. Thorns still has similar colors to that of their previous release from 2004 but adds a new sound to the band which is heavier and more energetic.

“Icon shows great care with every song, which is what I admire the most in this band, what I call love at first listen” Horns Up 5/5

“I’m charmed by the melodic vocals. Highly recommended!” Metal-Temple.com 10/10

Icon And The Black Roses are:

Johnny Icon – Vocals

Lucien Yorg – Guitars

Sean Rose – Bass

Jax Cairn -Drums

Antonio Agate – Keyboards

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