About Lucien Yorg


I am the guitarist, songwriter, and producer for Lannon and Icon & The Black Roses. Born in London and raised on the pirate shores of Gillan Bay in Cornwall UK.  I decided to move back to the city of London and pursue my journey into the music industry. I graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in 2008. I became the guitar player of Icon & The Black Roses in 2010 and created Lannon with Johnny Icon after we finished Icons’ second album “Thorns”. I started to attempt writing some songs for the third Icon Record to get the ball rolling, but johnny and myself both agreed the songs were a totally different sound to Icon, much heavier and much darker coming from my roots of new metal and math metal. As a result, Lannon was born. We are currently working on the second Lannon record which we aim to have finished before 2018.

Be Lannon.




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